Tips to control Hair Fall

Tips to control Hair Fall:

Losing your hair every day is painful to watch. However, there are certain tips and solutions to treat this problem.
You can start treating hair fall with these easy tips:

  • Massage your hair from time to time with lukewarm oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil will
    not only relieve you of stress but will also improve blood circulation in your scalp. Additionally, it will
    treat any kind of scalp infection and dandruff.
  • Vitamin A is extremely vital for the health of your hair. Make sure to have a healthy diet with loads of
    Vitamin A for overall wellbeing. Also, Vitamin E is known to improve blood circulation in your system. If
    you cannot take a nutritious diet all the time, you can incorporate vitamin supplements as well.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair as hair is in its weakest state when it is wet, You should always use a wide-toothed
    comb and avoid frequent brushing to avoid risk of hair loss
  • Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated as every cell in your body uses water to function properly.
    Inadequate hydration can lead to hair fall and causes a high proportion of hair follicles to stop their growth

  • Natural herbs like neem and amla steeped in massage oil or applied individually are great hair fall
    treatment options too.
  • Trimming your hair regularly will keep split ends at bay and thus avoid hair fall ultimately.
  • Aloe vera gel which is easily available in stores and your house does wonders for your hair. It not only
    controls hair fall but also provides nourishment to dry hair and controls pH of the scalp.
  • Coconut milk is a great source of all the nutrients, you can massage it on your scalp and apply it all over the
    hair to stop hair fall.
  • It is very important to avoid using harmful chemicals and overheated styling products on your hair, as it can
    damage the delicate hair strands permanently and increase hair fallAvoid tying your hair tightly all the time as it puts pressure on the roots leading the hair to fall off.

Also, to solve hair fall problem, switch to natural home remedies instead of expensive chemical treatments to keep
your hair healthy forever.

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