A blind pimple under the skin | 10 ways to treat it

A blind pimple under the skin: 10 ways to treat it


1. Lemon juice:

The liquid of lemon used as a natural constringent which used to remove the pus from the pimples.

2. Apple and Honey:

Honey is considered as an anti-bacterial as well antiseptic and apple consists of malic acid which is benefited by the skin. You can use it by mixing the both and apply it to a pimple.

3. Warm Compress:

You are required to take a cotton towel and warm water. Dip the towel into the water and put it into the pimple area.

4. Ice compress:

Take a cotton towel and ice cubes, put the ice into the towel and place to the pimple area to get it away.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Take apple cider vinegar and warm water. Mix half of the vinegar to the water double of it. Dip the cotton and apply it to the pimple area.

6. Rubbing Alcohol:

Take liquor and dip the cotton into it and apply the cotton to the pimple skin to get rid of it.

7. Toothpaste:

You can take mint toothpaste and put it into a pimple before sleeping. In the morning wash the skin with cold water.

8. Epsom salt:

Take a cup of hot water and add Epsom salt to it and let it until it cools down. After then put the cotton and apply it into a pimple and when your skin becomes dry, wash it with cold water.

9. Aloe Vera:

Take Aloe Vera and apply it to the skin before sleeping. At the morning, wash your skin with the cold water.

10. Sandalwood:

Make a paste by adding honey, milk and rose water into the sandalwood. Apply the solution and wash it after half an hour with cold water.

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