Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment:

Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t support enough insulin or the body doesn’t respond to insulin properly that will leads to Diabetes. So I am here to tell you all about Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

Symptoms of diabetes:

Frequent Urine:

Are you frequently going to urine? Have you noticed that you are urinating more time in the bathroom? Because these are due to more glucose intake will lead to urine frequently. In this, there is the main issue about kidneys if the glucose percentage gets increased gradually it leads to a lot of stress for the kidneys and formation of stones and in functioning.

Disproportionate Thirsty:

After losing lots of urination usually, you need to replace the glucose with water. Are you drinking more water usually? Drinking sufficient amount of water usually helps kidneys to work for more time but overproduction of intake may lead kidneys to more damage.

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment:

Overweight gain:

When intake of glucose is not sufficient in the blood usually feels hungry regularly. The patient requires food to eat every time and more likely to eat junk foods. It is very dangerous for that person, if it continues for the more time, patient will be died soon.

Skin infections:

Usually, it is too difficult when there is high glucose in our body. If so, then any infections can usually occur and make it terrible. Your skin cells starts damage at that time and you will feel itch inside your body.

Unexpected pains in elbows and bones:

When too much of glucose I mean sugar intake normally troubles the bones and damages the nerves in the body. Can’t even walk for long going on stairs will become a challenge. The person become too lazy and their body parts will no work for longer time and very high pain will affect the full body of the patient.

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment:

Causes of diabetes:

The causes are divided according to their types and their stages.

Type-1 Diabetes:

These are also called as permanent Diabetes. The body is not able to produce insulin anymore will lead to Type-1 Diabetes. This will be normal cause below 30 years and leads to several problems. It can because of high blood sugar which leads to skin infections.

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Type-2 Diabetes:

It affects normally 80 to 85% of people normally of high glucose intake. Your body will get the insulin percentage which will not suffice for your body. Most probably bones get damages and nerves won’t work effectively. The overweight gain will lead to take more food intake and trouble more. Disproportionate Thirsty will make kidneys more damage due to overtime and overproduction. Urinary bladder gets smashed off due to more liquid passed inside of the body.

Treatment for Diabetes:

Treatment for the Diabetes of Type-1 is not preventable which we already knew better to think about Type-2 Diabetes making some changes in lifestyle will have a cure for Diabetes. Eating less glucose percentage or reduce taking unnecessary food which is not needed. Work more and do exercise daily and making blood pressure under control.

Some people prefer medication which manually reduces the Diabetes but it is an addiction. Blood Glucose level must be reduced gradually it must not fall from long change but it needs a long-term treatment. Monitoring blood pressure every week and making healthy lifestyle by doing exercises properly or Yoga.

If lifestyle doesn’t keep blood pressure or blood glucose levels in a condition then you have to check for the other option that is medication. Medication will decrease more than 40% Diabetes these may include pills, insulin injections and but sometimes people take some over dosage which leads our body to deep problems.

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