Pimple on face Treatment at home

Pimple on face Treatment at home:


  • Keep your face clean:

If you are having acne on your face, you should wash your face at least twice a day. By washing, you can remove impurities, extra oil, and dead skin cells from your face. Excessive cleaning or washing of face may be harmful to your skin than it benefited. Always use warm water to wash and cleanser to make your face clean. Don’t use deodorant soaps as they may cause itching and can make problem in your face.

  • Moisturizer:

The most of the face products consist of several ingredients that may dry your face skin. Using moisturizer may remove dryness in your skin and also skin peeling. If “noncomedogenic” is written on the label then the product is good and do not cause acne problem.

  • Use Makeup Sparingly:

When your skin is having itching problem, make sure t not to use any type of blush or makeup powder. The makeup powder consists of chemical which is harmful to the skin and may spread acne problem. In case, if you are wearing makeup, wash it after the day ends.

  • Keep hands off your face:

An excessive touch of the face may affect the already inflamed skin and cause itching. Do not touch your cheeks, or forehead again and again as bacteria gets transferred from your hands to the face skin and may lead to infection. The popping of pimples is berry harmful and can cause much acne on your face.

  • Cover your face with the sun:

Do not get directly in contact with the sunlight as it consists of ultraviolet rays which can increase your acne and make your skin red. Always use sunscreen lotion whether you are having acne problem or not so that your skin may protect from the sun rays.

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